24hrs in the Life of an FJ Consultant…

over 3 years ago by Mia Stubbs
London 3

​Shedding some light into the life of an FJ consultant

FJ’s Executive Consultant Emily Taylor and Senior Executive Consultant Kerry Sanderson spent a busy 24hr hours in London this week. Packed full of candidate meetings, working out of our new London office and attending tech events, it was a 24hrs well spent…

When FJ spoke to Emily and Kerry, they shared some insight into what life is like as an FJ consultant…

  • Caught the early train down in the morning into Euston and checked into the new London office to have a quick catch up with the London team

  • LOTS of candidate meetings to discuss candidate strategy, the processes that their candidates are in, face-to-face registrations and helping out with optimising personal profiles; adding value to their job search!

  • They finished the day sampling the local cocktails before checking into their apartment for the night where they made a home cooked meal and shared a glass of wine… or two​

  • Up and out early the next day for more and more candidate meetings before they set off for the ‘Event Tech Live’ where they listened to many speakers and visited the stands of exhibitors to see the range of tech!

An eventful 24hrs for our consultants which provided great benefits through lots of added value to candidate relationships, allowing to build a rapport with their candidates and help them understand their motives and drivers. As well as working out of our new London office with the London team to change up their environment and spend time with other teams!

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