FJ's Friday Featured: Emily Taylor

over 3 years ago by Mia Stubbs
Outside Summer Party Picture

1.What initially got you into recruitment?

I needed a job! I finished Uni and I knew I wanted to stay in Manchester so I went looking on job boards and saw so many recruitment jobs that said that you can make lots of money with opportunities for progression and I thought ‘sounds great’ so started applying and secured my first role!

2.What have your highlights been in your first six months at FJ?

That’s a good question actually, I’d say getting salesperson of the month that was really good because there has been a lot of people that have been in the company for longer than I have and haven’t got it yet so for me to get it was a surprise as it wasn’t something I expected to get anytime soon. Especially as it’s such a quiet month normally in recruitment so when it wasn’t for me, I was really pleased.
Another highlight for me was being promoted! So, I had said to myself that I wanted to get promoted before Christmas, so I pretty much hit that because it was just after Christmas after everything was formally sorted. That was a mini goal that I had set myself as coming into the business with 4 years of recruitment experience, I was keen to get up the ladder and establish myself to prove that I can do the job. What I also like about the promotion is that it’s clear to see how you progress and earn your next promotion which hasn’t always been the case with previous companies I have worked for.
The social aspect of the company really stands out for me as well, when we do social events here it’s more than just a few drinks with colleges. The summer party for example, was drinks in the garden but then we had the escape van and garden games as well, so they’re definitely highlights for me.

3.What are your favourite things about working at FJ?

It is definitely the culture. There are no egos in the company. I think in recruitment you get people who come into recruitment because they fancy themselves as a bit of a ‘Wolf of Wall Street’ character who carry massive egos and you know that they’ll just throw you under the bus to get to where they want to. Whereas here, there isn’t one person in the office who I wouldn’t go for a beer with, there are people of course that you get on with more, but there isn’t one person who I wouldn’t socialise with.
I really like the values as well, this is the first company that I’ve worked in that the values actually mean something, it’s not just something that’s on the website. A lot of that comes down to the fact that the people chose the values, it wasn’t something that John and Sara chose for everybody else. I mean it cracks me up how many times I say ‘Reflect & Own It’ in one day, even if it’s not about work! It means that everyone has a common goal and that you get treated like an adult, it doesn’t matter if you’re new to recruitment or whatever, everyone gets treated the same.

4.Describe your perfect, non-work day.

Taking Johnson for a nice walk in the hills in the day but then in the evening I would probably say going out into town! I like having a chilled-out day with the dog and then heading into town for the evening!

5.What goals do you have for 2020?

For professional goals; I’m gunning for my next promotion! I also have wanted to go into Management, so that’s something that I’m going to work on myself for, I’m not at that point yet but I think that this year is really going to be focussed on making sure that I’m as established as I can be in the company and then to take steps into managing a team.
Get to New York Presidents club, got to be in New York for Halloween that’s the plan! I’m a big fancy dress fan!
Personally, I want to buy my first car because I’m learning to drive now which I’ve left incredibly late because I literally hate driving so that’s what I’m gearing up to do now!