Couplepreneur Podcast: Between the Spreadsheets

about 3 years ago

In this episode John and Sara Gaughan take us back to when they met 29 years ago and their journey together since. We hear how John knew within 4 months of getting his break in to recruitment that he was going to do it for the rest of his career. He’d found something he was good at, he enjoyed and he could embrace. 

Whilst John initially went on to found Finlay James, a digital and tech recruitment business, it wasn’t until 10 years on that Sara joined the business. This is such an interesting story of how that came about and how John and Sara had never even thought about working together until one evening when this came up in conversation over a drink with John and his business partner. They talk about what’s been happening since joining forces to become a Couplepreneur. Covering growth, culture, self-care, diversity, alcohol and integrating all facets of life and how they manage it all.