FJ’s Tips and Tricks For Working From Home

about 3 years ago by
Wfh Blog

​As the majority of businesses turn to remote working, organisations aim to keep efficiencies at an optimum level to help navigate through these uncertain times. It’s understandable that it will take some people more time to adjust to working-from-home life than others. Therefore, any tips and tricks that can help speed up the adaptation to working from your home environment are always worth trying out!

1.       Keep Active!

The benefits of exercising when working from home are huge; stimulating the release of serotonin and assisting in regulating your mood. Whether this is something you enjoy doing to kick-start your day or an activity to help you wind-down and switch off at the end of the day, it will be sure to help with the regulation of your mood!


2.       Time Off-Screen!

Don’t get us wrong, we know it’s your job to be looking at your screen most of the time when you’re working. However, this provides more of a reason to ensure that the time ‘outside of work’ is spent doing something different that gives you an actual break from looking at any sort of screen!


3.       Keep Procrastination to a Minimum!

Easier said than done, right? We’ve all fallen into the trap where we have spent our time creating pretty, colour-coded ‘organised’ lists to but when it actually comes down to the ‘doing part’ of the lists, we struggle. We recommend that you prioritise the different tasks on your list to ensure the ‘high priority tasks’ are completed before the tasks that aren’t as business critical.  


4.       Stick to Your Designated Working Hours!

Working from home makes it easier to merge the lines between what is your working hours and what is your own time. It’s tempting to start doing jobs around the house in between conference calls or sending a few emails just before bed. It’s necessary that you distinguish between your time and working hours to ensure that you feel you have a break from both and feel refreshed going into the next working day.


5.       Keep Your Work Space Organised!

Whether you’re working from your dining table or lucky enough to have a home office, keeping your work space tidy will help you keep focused on your work and reduce distractions.