Signs it’s Time for A Career Change?

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Signs It's Time For A Career Change Blog

​Understanding when you’re ready for a career change can be a tricky one. In some instances, it’s blatantly obvious that you are ready for the next move in your career. Other times it is less obvious and may take a trigger to make you step back and look at the bigger picture. The pandemic has caused such economic uncertainty and moreover, forced companies into making redundancies and even still, a significant amount of uncertainty about future of many other jobs. Job uncertainty is never a position you like to find yourself in, which pleads the question – is it time for a career change?

Career changes can be difficult and sometimes tricky to negotiate. Nonetheless, job satisfaction, company benefits and pay rises are all valid reasons to start looking at what may be your next career move.  

So here are a few of the common signs that you might be ready to take the leap into your next career move:

Overqualified in your role.

This doesn’t have to mean in the literal sense. If you feel your work is not challenging enough, it can often lead to boredom in your role.
Whether that’s in your day to day remits and responsibilities in your role or your yearly targets, not feeling challenged can have substantial impact on your results.  

Lack of progression opportunities.

Discovering there is little room to progress in your organisation can have a huge impact on your longevity in your role. Alternatively, you may find yourself in a position where there are some opportunities for progression in your company, but your employer never takes your application seriously or fails to advertise the role fairly.


Not getting the right compensation for the work you put into your role can be highly frustrating and ultimately demotivating. You feel less compelled to
put the time and effort into your work if you are not receiving a fair reward.


Hearing about everyone else’s company perks, flexible working or different management structures can instil us with envy. Each job is different and most of the times isn’t directly comparable to other jobs. However, if the overriding consensus makes you feel like you are missing out, it might be time to re-evaluate your current situation.

You feel misunderstood.

Opinions being overlooked, successes not being celebrated the same as other members in the team or feeling like you’re competing for managements attention? You shouldn’t feel like your job is a popularity contest and management should be making sure that this is not the case.


These are only a mere few indications that you could be ready for a career change alongside many others. Change is hard and can often make many feel uncomfortable with the unknown. You must ask yourself these questions and realise that the short-term disruption of a career change can deliver long term benefits. Finlay James candidates not only see an increase in their salary, but also an increase in engagement with their employers, a better work-life blend AND improved overall happiness. Click here to find out how we could deliver you a life-changing opportunity - https://www.finlayjames.co.uk/job-seekers.