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How To Get A Pay Rise

over 2 years ago
How To Get A Pay Rise | Finlay James

Requesting a pay rise can be an uncomfortable experience for some people. If the response is ‘no’, it could lead to you feeling disheartened and discouraged and you might worry about the impact on your relationship with your manager. In any case, the more research and planning you do, the more likely the result will be a positive one.

Salary negotiation is a key skill that will help you throughout your professional life. Here are our FJ top tips for arranging and executing a calculated strategy to assist you with getting the compensation rise you deserve:


Arranging a pay rise is essentially about your worth and value. Find out about what you ought to be asking for by speaking with people doing similar jobs to you inside your organisation, in a similar sectors and in similar organisations.

Investigate salary surveys and checkers, as well as speaking to recruiters.

Speak to your supervisor

Ask yourself, where is your supervisor going to fit into this procedure? They should be included at some point in the process, regardless of whether or not they have the overall responsibility, or impact to make the final decision. It's valuable to know how they will help you!

Show your Value

In order to achieve a raise you can’t just want one, you need to deserve one. When presenting your business case to whoever you're negotiating with, highlight the successful projects you've been involved in. Draw attention to quantifiable data, such as figures and timeframes. Go over your track record in producing results and other stages of your work history that demonstrate your value.

End positively!

Try not to put your manager under pressure whilst in the meeting – it’s always best to avoid any type of conflict. Assuming you have a valid and reasonable business case, allow your manager the opportunity to process your request completely, instead of asking that they make a snap-judgment. Agree a time and date to meet with them again and hopefully come to a final decision.

You should be ready for all possibilities, as there's no assurance that your proposal will work out the way you had hoped. If this is the case, you may wish to consider if you intend to remain with the company, or explore alternative opportunities.

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