over 2 years ago
Self Improvement

Mark Manson once said that “humans suck, as we are so impossible to please. We have so many conflicting needs and desires”. It is so true! When we do not achieve something, we set out to get, it is an instant disappointment. However, it is how you overcome the barrier that counts more than the mistake. That is your self-improvement. However, despite the barriers, self-improvement is a skill that needs to be practised. 

Here are some tips on how to improve your self-improvement:

Be Present 

Pay attention to how you normally work; what do you usually say and what you don’t say. What you do and don’t do. Notice what you’re currently doing that isn’t working well and where it lacks diversity. Be present and focussed, plan your week out day by day, so you have a plan of action. This will not only improve your time management but also your self-improvement, keeping on top of tasks and deadlines. 

Recognise Your Weaknesses 

Identify your strengths and weakness, focussing on what you struggle with or what is outside of your comfort zone. How do you feel when you are up against a task you are not used to? Are you anxious, scared of failure, or genuinely clueless? These are the questions you need to ask yourself in order to improve. Note down a few points stating areas where you need to improve on and think of ways you can overcome these barriers. Mark Manson stated that “like a muscle, forgiveness needs to be exercised consistently over a period of time”. Therefore, to improve your weaknesses, it is imperative to recognise them and create a list of ways to rectify them. 

Make a List

Think of the next steps; what do you do next? What are the possible positive and negative results of each action? What feedback have you gotten which can indicate what to do next and what not to do?


Without practice, old habits find their way back. To end this, we need to create new habits and new routines. Be self-aware, find your new way of working. Reflect on your choices, change the plan, and practice more. It is only natural to behave in ways that feel familiar and safe. But doing this constantly will produce the same level of content, effort, and motivation. Start putting in the hard work and effort needed to be most productive. Dorsey, the Cofounder of Twitter stated that his biggest mistake was thinking he shouldn’t show his mistakes. But he learnt that he should (Forbes). Therefore, it is very critical for your self-improvement to recognise your current actions and weaknesses - then come up with ways to improve them. Whether it is taking a course, reading books relevant to the area you need to improve in, or asking for advice from a specialist in that field. 

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