​Changes in Recruitment Over the Past 10 Years

over 2 years ago
Changes In Recruitment Over The Past 10 Years

Over the past decade, technology innovations have helped to pave the new way for recruiting. Technology has transformed and revolutionised the landscape of business.

In 2010 the internet was relatively new and still on the rise, with it being used for recreational use rather than professional use. Now we see that businesses are using it as it has benefits; helping companies and customers to assist a larger audience at a much quicker pace, motivating a change in candidate mindset. With instant information available and increasing networking.

Prior to applying to jobs, candidates want to know more about the employer, and top talent expects businesses to have their own employer brand. Which will determine whether they will apply to that role or not. Top talent candidates are not going to make apply to just any job, they are more specific, due to recruiter apps and companies.

Our World Data states that there are “7.7 billion people in the world, with at least 3.5 billion of us online!” Meaning that one in three of us are using social media platforms. Again, showing the sheer increase in people using technology, which has had advances for companies, especially for technology recruitment companies, being able to do all the work online and on the phone.

Here are four tips on how recruitment has changed in the past decade….

Due to technological advances, communication and networking are easier now than ever. Technology has helped transform how we communicate, especially during Covid-19, encouraging employees to work from home. We now can have team meetings and zoom calls with people from all over the world, through a click of a button. Instead of how you would traditionally travel to meetings.

Digital Marketing
Marketing has changed a lot over the past decade, introducing digital marketing, which has completely evolved the way businesses advertise. This new way of marketing uses social media marketing, search engine optimisation, and email marketing to optimise the opportunities to reach a wider audience, concluding better results for the company. Marketing is the one aspect that a business will not neglect, as the results are clear.

Customer Support
Due to the rise in social media, it is essential to build and create a network. Which is an easy way to contact clients and candidates, using social media platforms such as LinkedIn, Facebook, WhatsApp, etc. Therefore, over the past decade through technological advancements, one of the biggest changes is how a business supports its customers. HR and customer services are one of the most important things a business thinks about, as it shows their employer brand, ethics, and morals, which clients and candidates look at before applying to a job. It is easier now for businesses to support their customers through using social media sites and chat boxes, to answer questions and queries in a short period of time.

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