​What Hiring Managers WANT to See 

over 2 years ago
What Hiring Managers Want To See

Selling yourself against one big wave of applications for job is by no means an easy task. With the mass affects from Covid-19 and the economic recession to follow, job applications are as rife as ever. It’s in your best interests to make sure you’re really focussing in on your applications to increase your chances of landing your interview. Hiring Managers sifting through hundreds of applications need see something emotive to be notable.


Concise, Relevant Information.

Hiring Managers don’t have time to read through each account of skills, education etc. that your CV has to offer. You need to include a selective assortment of the appropriate information that is relevant to the job that you’re applying to.


Be Human!

Personalise your approach, it’s that simple. Owing to the increase in unemployment, Hiring Managers are in-undated with both relevant and irrelevant job applications. Ensure your application is bursting with personality and TELL the employer what you can specifically bring to that business.


Evidence Your Work.

Give relevant examples to your work where you can clearly demonstrate how well you can do the job you are applying to. Show the employer your process, how you got to the results you ended up with.



In Industries such as Sales, it’s essential to be transparent. There’s no point in lying, be genuine and it will pay off. Job seekers who bend numbers to seem more attractive get found out and a bad reputation as a result. Others take credit for other employees work and it becomes painfully apparent when they are unable to fulfil the tasks in their next role.

The list goes on… but like your job applications, we’ve kept it concise to help you make effective changes and get you NOTICED.  


- Concise, selective assortment of your experience

-  Show examples of your work and a breakdown of how you go about completing your tasks

-  Be HUMAN! Personalise your approach, they will be receiving high volumes of applications in recent times, make sure you stand out and include a personal touch. Show your personality through your application and TELL the employer what you can bring specifically to that business. Link to Culture add not culture fit blog.

- Authenticity. In industries such as Sales, transparency is key! There’s no point in lying, be genuine don’t bend numbers or take credit for other people’s work. Hiring Managers will appreciate it and will be able to identify when someone is being dis-ingenuine.


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