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It Is Okay to Make Mistakes in Work – Reflect and Own it

over 2 years ago
R Eflect And Own It

Getting back to work after furlough can be tricky, making mistakes is easily done. We are all human, so it is only natural. But it is how you react after you have made your mistake that counts.

A survey recorded by Accountemps states that more than four in ten professionals said they have cried at work, equating to 45% of all professionals admitting to have cried in the office. Therefore, you are not alone!

At Finlay James, we believe in ‘reflect and own it’. Our core values are honesty is the best policy; “Sometimes stuff goes wrong, it’s a fact of business life.  We take accountability, love feedback and rectify mistakes, fast.”


If you make a mistake it is vital to stay calm, reflect what you have done wrong and learn from the mistake. If the mistake occurs in a team situation, the most important thing is to not point fingers at anyone. Balance Careers states that “If you keep calling attention to your error, that is what will stick in people’s minds”. Therefore, you want to admit to the error and correct it, then move on. Our team is our little #FJFamily, therefore we make sure that we all ‘reflect and own it’. 

Moreover, our guidance is to realise your error, don’t rush to react too fast. Think about possible solutions, then act upon them. It is vital that you do not beat yourself for making the mistake. Remember, everyone makes mistakes, it will happen, you need to recover and move on. The Muse states that “If handled right, a mistake can do more to impress those around you than tarnish their view of your work”.

Harris Hill stated that “no matter how agonising at the time, work mistakes can provide invaluable lessons”, helping your personal growth, which will have made the mistake all worthwhile. Therefore, don’t let making a mistake put you off your work goals.

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