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​FJ's Friday Feature: Vicky Parry

over 2 years ago
Finlay James Tech Recruitment Agency | FJ Friday Feature | Vicky Parry

​The FJ Friday Feature Blog gives a chance for our candidates and clients to get to know our team better. This week's FJ Friday Feature speaks with Vicky Parry, who has been a part of the FJ family for over 10 years!

1. What initially got you into finance?

I started at Finlay James as an Office Administrator and occasionally helped out the book-keeper at the time. He decided he wanted to retire and I took over from him, starting with the very basics. But over time learnt how to do more and more with the help of our company accountant and lots of training courses.


2. What are your favourite things about working at FJ?

I would have to say some of the friendships I have made over the years where colleagues have turned into friends outside of the workplace as well. Also, you are never left on your own, if you need help with anything there is always someone you can turn to for help and advice.


3. What goals do you have for the next 5 years?

Personally, I’m due to get married next year and I’d like to start a family certainly within the next 5 years. Work-wise, I’d like to see the company continue to grow and celebrate more successful years!


4. What you recommend to someone who is just starting up in finance?

Give all aspects of finance a go and see what elements you prefer and are best at, also you need to be super organised and be prepared to triple check everything!


5. Describe your perfect, non-work day.

This would definitely start with a bit of a lie-in (I’m not a morning person!) followed by a good game of golf in the sunshine!

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