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How to Work Your Way Up

over 2 years ago
Finlay James | Blog | How To Work Your Way Up

​Even during an economic downturn, it's possible to keep your career moving in the right direction. Some careers have clear routes for progression whilst others may need to be pushed from within. Check out our top tips to keep you on track for your career...


Reach Out to your Network

Make a connection with current and previous colleagues, university friends, and other industry professionals. Ask for advice or if they know of any opportunities in the sector, they might even be able to refer you directly to the point of contact you need! 


Put Yourself Forward for Internal Promotions 

Find out if your current employer has any new roles that would be of interest to you. Internal roles might not always be as obvious as you may think, ask your manager for information on each of the internal vacancies and talk through the job descriptions together to gain a greater understanding. 



Know your career missions and tackle them head-on. You need to have clear goals to aim towards in order to achieve them. Set yourself goals and milestones so you are accountable for the time frames that you want to attain your career objectives. 



Use your appraisals and performance reviews to inform your Manager what promotions and career goals you're aiming to achieve. You should also use the feedback to help you gain a better understanding of what you're doing well and what areas you need to focus on for improvement. 


Map your Skill Set 

Consider what you're good at and how you can apply your skills outside the scope of your current role or even organisation. Think about how you can transfer your skills into other roles internally that will allow you to develop even further.  


Look for New Opportunities 

Unfortunately, the opportunities for advancing your career internally may not always be viable. Research which industries are doing well in the current climate and offer stability. Aim to understand the future potential across the different sectors.


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