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What is an Employer Brand?

over 2 years ago
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So, what is an employer brand?

All organisations have one, whether it's a conscious effort or not. The way that organisations differentiate themselves from their competitors in the market which in turn, affects their abilities to attract and retain top talent. A strong employer brand should align with the company values and more importantly, reflect what their employees and stakeholders REALLY think of them! 

Employers can adopt many different marketing efforts to enhance their brands and start Selling to candidates and customers. The brand an employer presents strongly influences and contributes towards your employer's reputation as a business. Your brand and your people will have a voice and you must stay true to this when considering who and how to target a particular audience, potential employees. 

The growth in the concept of employer branding has rocketed over the past few years with employee engagement and the power of brands rising amongst organisations. Even in times of such uncertainty, employer brands still remain relevant as employers risk reputational damage if they fail to treat employees well, which could have a long-lasting negative effect on future employees of the organisation. 

LinkedIn is a powerful tool to reach relevant candidates and nurture those talent pools until you are ready to hire or the talent pool is ready to join you. Company LinkedIn pages are such a powerful, free tool to aid your employer brand. Taking time to supercharge your company's LinkedIn page can have major impacts on your employer brand and start selling to potential employees before they are even ready to apply. 

In order for an organisation's employer branding strategy to truly embed itself into the company's DNA, there must be a buy-in from the leaders within the business. An organisation should work with their executive team to build a clear, engaging, and compelling Employee Value Proposition (EVP) and position the employer brand around it. Using data and predicted ROI, companies can then agree on achievable performance metrics to track the strategy's success. Organisations should be able to answer questions 'what sets them apart from others in the market'. 

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