Finlay James l How Finlay James Can Help You Get Hired Right Now!


How FJ Can Help You Get Hired Right Now

over 2 years ago
Finlay James l How Finlay James Can Help You Get Hired Right Now!

Getting noticed by recruiters has changed over the past few years and even more so over the past months with the global pandemic. That doesn't mean, however, that it is an impossible task by any means. We're here to help YOU! 


Our vision is to be renowned for bringing career visions to life. 


Did you know 85% of job opportunities in the tech industry are not advertised? That's why working with one of our specialist consultants in Technology Sales, Marketing, Technical and C-Suite recruitment have access to these hidden opportunities across the Technology Ecosystem. We can help open new doors and proactively advocate you with some of the best organisations in the industry. Matching a person to an environment and opportunity is at the heart of what we do. 


Our people are the pillars of our success and we invest heavily in our employees, systems and technology. In line with our culture and values, every employee is on-boarded with in-depth recruitment training, ongoing support throughout the lifecycle of their tenure and is supported with personal development funds and outsourced training opportunities. It is no surprise that all of our Managers and many of our senior leaders have come up through the ranks for The Finlay James Group.


Since 2003 we have continued to innovate to bring you the most efficient, consistent and progressive recruitment services. What makes us different is the values framework within which we operate in...


Reflect and Own it.

Sometimes stuff goes wrong, it's a part of business life. We take accountability, love feedback and rectify mistakes. 


Keep Striving and Experiment Often. 

We stay agile and constantly pivot to ensure our services stay relevant and fresh. We partner with you throughout the search to overcome obstacles and strive for the best outcome possible. 


Contribute to the FJ Family. 

When you deal with one of us, you deal with all of us. Our open market model ensures that our entire network engages with your vacancy and when you work with the FJ family, you become an extended part of it.


Deliver the Quadruple Win.

We genuinely care about the people that we work with, and the people that work for us - which is why we always strive to achieve the optimal outcome whereby all parties win! 


So if you're ready for one of our consultants to bring your career vision to life, click here to check out our live vacancies, upload your CV or simply get in touch!