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​New year... same old goals?

over 2 years ago
Finlay James Recruitment Agency | Blog | New Year, Same You?

It's fair to 2020 was not the year that any of us expected. Going into the new year, with fresh goals and objectives most peoples aim. But what about career goals for the new year? Many people find new year's resolutions a waste of time or even intimidating, but to ensure that you keep on track with your new year goals, you need to make them unique! 


It's important to have a variety of goals that you keep a record of going into the new year...


Have a stretch goal. 

Looking to move up in your organisation going into 2021? Look for an experience that will help you do just that. It might mean volunteering for an extra few responsibilities in your job role or gaining more industry knowledge. This extra exposure can help introduce you to new people and ultimately put you in a better position for your next promotion. 


Monitor you progress. 

Setting the goals is one task but staying on top of them is another and tends to be the failing point of many individuals. Setting small incremental goals on a weekly or monthly basis is a great way of staying on track for your wider 2021 objectives. 


Practice professional courage. 

Stepping outside your comfort zone can welcome a wealth of opportunities in your professional career. Try things you have never tried before and welcome new experiences with open arms. Being trusted with other roles can be such an eye-opening experience that will lead to other experiences throughout the year. 


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