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​Accelerating our clients' ability to bring their visions to life is at the heart of what we do.

over 2 years ago
Finlay James | Blog | Visions to life

Our mission is to solve the problems and deliver life-changing opportunities to our clients, candidates and team. Built on a progressive and collaborative atmosphere, we help our customers unlock their company's and professional potential. We have created a service model to enable our clients to hire the way they want to. We have invested in systems, tools and technology to increase our employee effectiveness, enabling our clients to refine how they attract, engage and hire talent.


We make people our priority and deliver results.

We know people. That is why over 80% of our business is done with clients we have worked with before. We make people a priority and nurture and support our candidates and clients, enabling relationships to be made and results to be delivered. Our culture of trust, learning and continuous improvement allow our teams to 'the comfort zone', beat the competition and deliver results.

Our people are the pillars of our success and we invest heavily in our employees, systems and technology. In line with our culture and values, every employee is on-boarded with in-depth recruitment training, ongoing support throughout the lifecycle of their tenure and is supported with personal development funds and outsourced training opportunities. It is no surprise that all of our Managers and many of our senior leaders have come up through the ranks for The Finlay James.


What is it that makes Finlay James work?

"In the main, we take raw talent and then we grow, develop and nurture to turn it into something different. Effectively, we grow our own! We instil them with the FJ DNA, to allow them to evolve." - John Gaughan, CEO.


What do we look for when hiring?

"1. We look for intelligence."

"2. We look for drive. People with a growth mindset, who are positive and professional."

"3. We look for the right kind of personality. People who are selfless, people who help colleagues." - John Gaughan, CEO.


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