International Women's Day Pledge


International Women's Day Pledge - Hannah Sheldon

8 months ago
International Women's Day Pledge

​I’m a Talent Consultant at Finlay James. I like to consider myself a “Career Match-Maker” where I help amazing candidates progress their careers.

I decided to take the plunge and join the Recruitment world back in March 2020. Before joining the role, I’m not going to lie, I had a vision of walking into an office full of men and standing out like a sore thumb. Thankfully I was wrong, and Finlay James are huge advocates of creating a gender balanced culture. However, it’s clear that not all companies are the same and that the Recruitment and Tech industry continues to be highly male-dominated place.

International Women’s day is so important in helping towards making a big change. It’s crucial that both women and men work on challenging the gender bias every single day in order to make a difference.

As a female in a male-heavy industry, I take great inspiration from other amazing females around me. I’ve watched women at Finlay James and beyond become Top Billers and actually out perform their male colleagues. (so to say that Sales isn’t a women’s job is absurd!)

I’d say that my key achievement in work is placing a female candidate and helping boost her confidence. It was hard to see a lack of self-believe and confidence in her ability to do the role and smash her interviews but I’m proud to have been a part in changing this and empowering females.

I’m SO proud to be a female in Tech and I can’t wait to see us girls keep smashing it in 2021 and beyond!


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