International Women's Day Pledge - Rachel Lennox


International Women's Day Pledge - Rachel Lennox

about 2 years ago
International Women's Day Pledge - Rachel Lennox

I find exceptional people and place them into exceptional jobs!

I joined Finlay James in August 2020, moved into a new city, new house and new job! Everything was a bit daunting at first but I was up for the challenge and was hungry to succeed. After 6 months I successfully managed to set the record for fasted person to be promoted in FJ history

Here are some of my key achievements:

Q1 – 174%, Q2 – 141% (So far) against target

I take great pride in saying that I have successfully placed an equal amount of men and women in the role’s I recruit for.

International women’s day so inspiring – I love hearing other women’s success stories and what they’ve achieved to get to this point. I use it to motivate me and like to think that’s one of the reasons I have been so successful here at Finlay James.  

I chose the tech industry not only because it is absolutely booming but because I wanted to challenge the status quo and prove that women can be just as successful as men. One of my favourite things about working for Finlay James is that there is no gender gap, everyone is valued equally.

I am very proud to say I am a #womanintech