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Making your Job Search Easier...

about 2 years ago
Making your Job Search Easier Blog

​Job searches are unique experiences for every individual depending on your current employment status. Some job seekers may not want to make their job search public. However, for many, using platforms and resources to your advantage can significantly increase your chances to securing your next role! There are many subtle ways that you can make it clear that you're actively looking for your next role. 


Make Yourself Discoverable. 

Update your online profiles, in particular LinkedIn (of course). You can change your LinkedIn settings to 'Open to Opportunities' so that recruiters will be able to see you are open to hearing about the job roles available in your industry and sector. Be sure to update your LinkedIn profile to include keywords so you appear in the correct searches. Check out our blog 'Optimising your LinkedIn Profile' here.


Don't Rely Purely Upon Applications. 

Make the most of your network! This can take place in many forms, including directly reaching out to Hiring Managers and Recruiters, sending follow-up emails to the associated parties in the application process or even reaching out to old colleagues to see if they know of any current opportunities. 


Make your Own Content. 

Add value to your job search by showcasing your knowledge and expertise in the field. You can write a blog and provide your opinion on a specific subject area associated with your job. Alternatively, you could start making short videos to provide insights or content ideas to post on professional networking platform. 


Contact Details. 

It sounds simple but yet this can be the difference between an interview being arranged or not! Make sure on your CV, your LinkedIn, job applications etc, you have provided the correct and most up-to-date contact details. 


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