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Working with a Recruiter

about 2 years ago
Working With A Recruiter | Finlay James

Whether you have worked as a Recruiter multiple times or never before, building a strong relationship with the Recruitment consultant you are working with can provide many benefits to your job search. Check out our recommendations to help get the most out of your relationship with your Recruiter! 


Be Open and Transparent. 

As the saying goes, 'honesty is the best policy', might be predictable but it's true in more ways than one! Whether it's being honest for career history, gaps in your CV or what you really think about the opportunity that has been presented to you, it's best to say the truth. Saving time for you and your Recruiter by being open will help build a stronger bond between you and your Recruiter. 


Be honest with your Recruiter if you are working with someone else, it's not a problem! Recruiters are best knowing this information so they know how to proceed when putting you forward for future interviewing processes. Being open with your Recruiter will eliminate the likelihood complications down the line.



Effective and open communication works both ways. Yes, it's that simple. Establish what your preferred channels of communication are at the beginning and stick to it. Consistent communication helps both you and your Recruiter to stay in-tune with your current situation and, if any, advancements for application processes that you may have. 



Don't be afraid to ask questions! Your Recruiter is an expert in the space, so why not use their knowledge and experience to help inform your job search. No matter how far you are in your job search, asking questions to your Recruiter might be the difference between a job offer and a rejection. 



Ask for constructive criticism. Make sure you use the time you invest in your job search effectively and don't make the same mistakes twice! Both you and your Recruiter want the same goal to land you your next dream role, asking for feedback can help you both achieve so. 



Finally, who do you know? Recruiters succeed with referrals. A relationship with your Recruiter works both ways where you should add value to their role too. Not only this but if you refer them to Finlay James and we successfully place them in a new role, you will be eligible for £300 in vouchers ($299 in the US)!


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