How to Stay Productive and Not Burn Out


How to Stay Productive and Not Burn Out

about 2 years ago
How to Stay Productive and Not Burn Out

What is burnout? 


Burnout is a state of physical, emotional, and mental exhaustion caused by prolonged stress and demands. Anyone can become exhausted or experience stressful periods and feelings in a situation with high demands. Burnout, however, is more common amongst those who are extremely dedicated to their career. Many of these people experience a feeling of dissatisfaction as they typically don't expect to suffer from such. For many years, professionals commonly misunderstood burnout for a lack of self-discipline or resilience. But over recent years, it has become seemingly apparent that burnout is much more than what people may think and the implications of such can cause huge disruptions in professional's careers and lives. 


Given the extremely demanding year we have all experienced, it is more important than ever that employees take the preventative measures and look after number 1!


Regular Exercise. 

This doesn't mean you need to find 2 hours to hit the gym each night. Recapping the benefits of regular exercise can take many forms, whether it's a simple lunch break stretch or an evening walk. Exercise can increase productivity and energy whilst improving your physical well-being. 


Understand your Breaking Point. 

With time, you will start to get to know your breaking point. When you start to feel this, identify your triggers and take the appropriate action. Whether it means taking a day's holiday to help recharge or reaching out to friends and family, preventing burnout is always beneficial towards yourself and your employer!


Schedule Free Time. 

Just like you would schedule a meeting, you should schedule in free time into your calendar. 30 minutes of uninterrupted time can make such a huge difference to your day and give you the chance to tick tasks of your list. Make sure you are strict with yourself and keep these blocks of time available in your calendar. 



Even with a global pandemic and limited travel, you NEED to take your holidays. Even if you aren't able to travel to the other side of the world, taking time out to recharge can play such a major part in your productivity when you return to work. Making sure you put your out-of-office on and take that well-deserved break. 


Ask for help. 

During these stressful and demanding periods, reach out and ask for help! You will not be the only one feeling like this and by voicing your feelings, you can start searching for solutions! This doesn't mean you have to speak directly to your line manager, you might even take comfort in talking to friends or family members to help take care of each other during these times. 


Being exposed to periods of continual stress and pressure can cause burnout. Anyone can experience burnout and it is by no means a sign of weakness. Look out for colleagues, friends, and family who may be showing signs of burnout and help them the same way they help you. At Finlay James, we take pride in our employee well-being, click here to find out more. ​