Coming out of Lockdown 3.0


Lockdown 3.0

about 2 years ago
Coming out of Lockdown 3.0

When people work in their usual workplace environment...

45% like the social interaction of the office! 


When organisations bounce from remote and office working as we enter in-and-out of lockdowns, it is essential that efforts are made to aid productivity across the board. Resilience is key for both the employer and employees. Yet, with 61% of desk-based workers saying they would prefer to work from home more often after lockdown, employers need to adapt to facilitate this new era of working. 


For many organisations, lockdown enabled a shift between employees and leaders. With many employees taking on additional roles and responsibilities, they grew to feel safer to make bold decisions and higher levels of confidence in such. In attempt to maintain these working conditions for employees as we eventually move out of lockdown, employers must analyse what styles of leadership worked best and saw the biggest shift in employee behaviour. Once established, employers should also reward the appropriate positions to those employees who have flourished and shown promising signs of leadership qualities. 


Companies that originally found a surge in productivity in the first few weeks of lockdown are now wearing thin as workforce's feel fatigued with the a number of lockdowns. Employers are left with dwindling creativity and lacking motivation. With 38% of workers saying lockdown has had a negative impact on their wellbeing, building resilience is a MUST. Resilience is a trait, not a skill, meaning it can be developed and evolve through self-awareness and self-management techniques. As organisations start to adapt, it is a worthwhile investment at individual and team level to ensure productivity is maintained and heightened. Check out our blog here for more information on building resilience as an individual. 


From lockdowns to economic turndowns, the next months and years will be enormously challenging for many. Stability and investment from employers can really instill employees with confidence in their employer. When employees feel valued in their roles, they feel empowered to focus on the value-creating tasks and the approach to performance will yield greater productivity gains. Learning new leadership skills and building resilience will shape the future working environments as we leave lockdown. ​

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