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about 2 years ago
Finlay James | Job Satisfaction Blog

For HR, one of the most important goals is to achieve job satisfaction for employees amongst their workforce. Why? Job satisfaction links to motivation. A motivated, satisfied employee not only helps you retain talent, but adds to your employer brand and reputation. So, what is an employer brand? All organisations have one, whether it's a conscious effort or not. The way that organisations differentiate themselves from their competitors in the market which in turn, affects their abilities to attract and retain top talent. A strong employer brand should align with the company values and more importantly, reflect what their employees and stakeholders REALLY think of them! The brand an employer presents strongly influences and contributes towards your employer's reputation as a business. Your brand and your people will have a voice and you must stay true to this when considering who and how to target a particular audience, potential employees. Read our Employer Brand Blog here.


Satisfied staff = higher productivity. Simple? Employees who experience higher levels of job satisfaction in their role produce higher quality work at higher efficiencies as they feel they reap the rewards they deserve. Multiply this across a workforce, can lead to increased sales, lower costs, and a stronger bottom line. 


As a Manager, keeping talented employees is a goal that should be prioritised. Staff who are satisfied with their job and employer are less likely to leave. Employees want to feel they have the option to grow in their career where their employer provides support to progression. As a result of this, employees feel valued and project these feelings onto colleagues and peers which spark interest in recruiting new talent. 


How to enhance job satisfaction in the workplace? 


1. Recognise and reward employees. 

Praise can go a long way. When employees achieve and perform, ensure they are rewarded for their efforts. If you don't, they are likely to go to another employer who will. 


2.  Ask for feedback. 

Use your employees to inform your ideas! Ask them what you can offer to improve their job satisfaction and ensure to act upon the feedback to demonstrate how you value their opinions. 


3. Career Development Opportunities. 

Training and development in the workplace is a must. Educate employees on the progression opportunities that are available to them and what is needed from them to move into the next position. 


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