Interviewing in 2021


Interviewing in 2021

over 1 year ago
Interviewing in 2021

Hiring Managers have been forced to pivot their skills and processes over the past year to meet the challenges Covid-19 has presented. Some companies experienced a reduction in hiring whilst others utilised technology to resume interviewing processes remotely. Over the course of the pandemic, Hiring Managers have been able to re-evaluate their interviewing process to include only the necessary steps needed to secure future talent and improving overall candidate experience through these refined processes. New priorities for Hiring Managers (should, if not already) include the following...

Diverse Hiring. 

Workplace diversity is not a new concept nor is it a HR stint to look good in the public eye. However, companies often hire the same people with similar personality traits time and time again. The concept regarding hiring mirror-like employees leads to a severe lack of diversity in your workforce as the majority of employees have almost identical backgrounds in education and career history. In some instances, this may not be a conscious efforts for companies hiring the same people to drive the same success, all hiring managers and senior leadership teams want to see new hires achieving what previous employees have. Expansion of Hiring Managers recruitment networks and practices opens the pool of talent that are able to access future opportunities. For more information on workplace diversity, check out our blog 'Building Diverse Teams'. 


Streamlined Hiring Process. 

Lengthy hiring processes and long lead times often causes companies to lose out on hiring the right candidate. Hiring Managers must cut out the steps that cause unnecessary delays and increase the likelihood of candidates moving on with other opportunities with different employers. 


Digital Hiring Technology. 

The use of technology such as Zoom, Microsoft Teams etc is adopted by most firms in the long term. As more employers offer the option for remote or hybrid working, the use of digital technology when interviewing and on-boarding has proven to be an effective alternative for face-to-face meetings.  


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