Finlay James | Blog | ​How COVID Revolutionised Recruitment


​How COVID Revolutionised Recruitment

almost 2 years ago
Finlay James | Blog | ​How COVID Revolutionised Recruitment

During the course of coronavirus, the globe faced a lot of unpredictability in many sectors with recruitment alike. With Covid-19 having such an impact on our lives and the way we live.

The recruitment industry had started to pick up in early 2020 as the UK’s unemployment levels were at an all-time low with unemployment only being 4%, unfortunately, all that positive employment levels quickly disappeared as unemployment went up by 1% within a few months of lockdown (representing more than 1.7 million people) and jobs were hit hard. Logically, we know that this has had a drastic impact on the way we work:

-          Increase in video interviews

-          Different technologies

-          Large majority of companies moving into fully remote work


Increase in video interviews:

Companies have had to embrace and adapt to change in interviews, it has been challenging to cruise into this and find the best candidate for the role. Recruitment professionals can assess body language, engagement, and expressions online just as well as in person. So here are a few tips for online interviews, here are a few videos our CEO John Gaughan has created on How to Nail a First and Second Stage Interview.


Different technologies:

It has been vital for companies worldwide to be connected to not only their clients but also their overall workforce. Luckily, we live in such a tech-savvy era which helps connect us from all around the globe. Check out our blog on a few of FJ’s favourite tech to get behind to stay connected whilst working remotely.

Fully remote work:

Flexibility in the workplace is now seen as a work benefit, companies and workers have felt comfortable and confident working at home as they have proven to be as productive as being in the office. Companies HR are helping employees adapt to the pandemic well by providing more online resources: Podcasts, education, resources, etc. Finlay James actually implemented a flexible working environment pre-covid and it had shown to be successful and an easy transition for our employees.

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