Finlay James | Blog | Knowing when to leave your current role


Knowing When to Leave Your Current Role

over 1 year ago
Finlay James | Blog | Knowing when to leave your current role

​Finding a career that fulfilling can be a long journey, only a small number of individuals jump into the world of work knowing exactly what they want to do. Talenskowt's very own Shelby Farmer had a career change before joining the FJ family. With Covid affecting multiple industries her previous role as a performer was affected. This gave her time to step back and reflect on the end goal. For her to get her personal life goals in order, she realised she needed to move into a career offering more stability. Shelby used skills from her old career to her advantage in her new position. This move has created a completely different lifestyle and allowed her to expand her skill set.

Career changes are becoming normalised as people have to adapt to their current environment, so if you have clicked on this blog its possible your career might not be for you. And, if you start to relate to a few of the indications below then you need to sit down and have a conversation with yourself…

4 indications that it is time to change your career:

You are uninterested and complacent

  • You have a feeling that your being detached for joining the industry or company in the first place. Not in the right mindset e.g. you see yourself slipping up on deadlines and you’re pretending to enjoy.

Even salary does not help with your unsatisfaction

  • A large majority of people justify staying in their current positions because of the salary they receive, however when even that does not satisfy them. Even though your job provides you stability you know deep down inside that it isn’t right for you as your happiness is being affected by working. This is a clear sign that you should change your career.

You are apprehensive going to work

  • All of us have those days where you hear the alarm and feel absolutely awful and dread going into work. However, when it turns into a daily occurrence and you’re already thinking about the weekend Monday morning, it’s time to think about starting to work in areas that align with your passions.

Thoughts on new career are becoming regular

  • If you see yourself scrolling through the internet on job adverts in your free time, or you’re feeling upset or jealous of friend’s careers. You have thought about leaving your current position or have mentioned it to friends/family. If that is the case, then it might be time to leave. ​

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