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Receiving a Promotion

almost 2 years ago
Finlay James | Blog | Receiving a Promotion

​In case you've been at a similar role for quite a while, it's very easy to expect that a promotion will come along automatically after a period of time. However, you need to do more than stay in a role for a long time to make it to a higher level. Here are a few tips Finlay James can give to help you move up ranks:

Make your boss’ job easier for them

  • I know this may sound foolish, but by making your boss’ job easier for them, you’re not trying to put your manager out of a job! The aim of this is to show them that your work is good and efficient and their time can be used for addressing new areas. An efficient work ethic goes up the ranks as it helps improve the company, which will help you get noticed.

Ensure you make someone aware you want that promotion

  • This may seem very obvious, but a high percentage of employees in a workforce don’t make it aware! How do you expect management to be aware of this if you haven’t told them your career aspirations? They might not have thought of you as a candidate for the position, you want to be inquisitive and passionate but be humble in your approach.

Prove you can solve client/customer issues

  • To receive a promotion, being able to show your initiative and help clients/customers solve their issues without the need of someone in a senior position is an important trait. This shows senior members that you are able to work independently, without having to be told what to do every step of the way.

When senior members of your organisation are looking to promote an individual, it isn’t always a thought or discussion within higher authority that goes through quick and simply. The decision can get very complex and includes significantly more than how hard you functioned over the previous year. Here’s are a few considerations senior members deal with when deciding who’s the best candidate for the position:

Leadership and job performance

  • Moving up in a business is a risky move for senior members, so they have to ensure that the person they pick for the position is the “right fit”, as the individual who put you there has staked their reputation on your success. So having a good track record will definitely help eliminate any doubts from anyone.

Ensuring they are the right fit

  • This doesn’t only include the specific skills that relate to the position that the promotion is for, this can also refer to the other skills that are normally overlooked e.g. leadership skills, financial knowledge, likeability, etc.

Being ambitious

  • Having ambition is an important trait managers look for when choosing the right individual for a promotion. When making it clear to a senior member that you are looking for a promotion, you should state that you want to be considered for more challenging roles.

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