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Importance of HR in a Company

almost 2 years ago
Importance of HR in a Company | Finlay James

​What exactly is Human Resources?

Human resources (HR) is the umbrella term used to portray the division of a business that is tasked with discovering, screening, recruiting, and training job candidates, as well as administering employee-benefit programs in an organisation.

More than this, HR plays a significant role in creating positive business culture and further developing employee engagement and productivity. The HR function likewise takes the lead on employee wellness and personal development.

Why is HR so important?

Overseeing and managing staff takes time and it requires specific skills. HR is an area of expertise a number of business owners lack and need.

Leaders/managers often find they are time lacking time day-to-day to deal with people management and recruitment and the focus on people can very easily get lost. This is a costly mistake and can have a negative impact on employee satisfaction, company culture and success in the long-haul.

Think about the consequences of lacking HR. At the point when employees don’t feel supported, are being passed over for opportunities, working long hours, and so on, their motivation to perform is affected.

When you fall short of the expectations of an effective HR, you will see a knock-on effect on your bottom line. Reputation as an employer can be very impactful in attracting the right talent, likewise has a big impact on the decision making process of customers too.

People, culture and business success are inseparable.

Importance in a pandemic?

The coronavirus pandemic has constrained us to reconsider the manner in which we work together all in all. As part of this, the HR function is taking centre stage. Companies are being increasingly measured by the decisions they’ve taken and the resultant impact on their staff.

Additionally, the impact of ongoing economic uncertainty, remote working and the all-too-real impact it has had on employees’ mental health are forcing businesses across the UK to put HR at the core of their activity.

From supporting managers remotely to sensitively communicating the consequences of a decline in business, HR is crucial to the effective management of a business during a pandemic or other significant event.

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