If My Boss Denies My Pay Rise Request | Finlay James


If My Boss Denies My Pay Rise Request

over 1 year ago
If My Boss Denies My Pay Rise Request | Finlay James

​There are certain individuals out there who love the performance review period however actually, a large number of us fear the inevitable half-yearly discussion about personal targets, and the strain and investigation that accompanies it.

See, no one likes rejection. It's difficult mustering up the courage to put in a request for a raise in the form of a pay raise request letter, and potentially put your self-esteem at risk. Doing your most extreme to persuade someone you’re worth it and afterward having your manager differ is anything but something simple with which to cope.

It can be demoralising to get a firm ‘no’ when requesting for a pay rise but the good news is there are a few stages you can take to ideally turn a negative situation into a positive one:


It’s human nature to be furious when you get dismissed for your pay rise. You’ve no doubt argued your case and backed up your argument with facts and individual achievements, so it’s simply natural to be hurt and angry when you’re told it's not sufficient because many people think that translates into "I'm not adequate".

In any case, you must beat that inclination.


Let’s be honest, there may be a truly valid justification you were turned down for a raise. Times are still pretty tough after the pandemic and depending on the size of your business, which industry you’re in, and recent developments the “we just don’t have it in the budget” excuse could hold water. However at that point once more, some of the time it's you and not them.

If you don’t know precisely what’s wrong, you’ll never be able to fix it.


Want to find a way to show you’re not suffering from sour grapes? Negotiate a time in the future to meet with your boss and revisit the issue of a raise.

In addition to the fact that this shows your manager you don't anticipate on becoming an at-risk employee, yet you're placing the rejection to the side and as of now working towards positive outcome in the near future. Simply ensure you really get on your manager's schedule since you would prefer not to get forgotten about.


Once in a while you either have a terrible manager or an organisation that doesn't value its employees. In case that is really the situation, it very well may be an ideal opportunity to contemplate escaping that company.

This shouldn't be an automatic response or done angrily following your raise demand was denial. Yet, in the event that you've met every one of your objectives and you're a consistent top-performer who has been denied raises and openings for progression without any justifiable cause, then, at that point, you need to do what’s best for yourself and that may mean moving to another opportunity.