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Employers are flocking to TikTok for young talent, replacing LinkedIn

12 months ago by Khadija Khaleel
LinkedIn versus TikTok for Blog on Finlay James Web Page

Like many businesses recovering from the pandemic, the fast food business has a large number of vacancies to fill. As a result, it will join more than 20 other organisations, including Sweetgreen, Boston Scientific, Shopify, and the NBA, in "TikTok CV," a test initiative in which users may browse and apply for job postings using short films displaying their skills. The platform, which TikTok confirmed to Forbes would include 200 job posts ranging from customer support to social media to engineering.

"It enables individuals to display a greater part of who they are" says Nick Tran, TikTok's head of worldwide marketing. TikTok has evolved into an unexpected platform for candid conversations about employment. TikTok isn't the first to experiment with video resumes in the employment process. LinkedIn introduced the debut of a "Cover Story" feature in March, which allows users to post short films of themselves to their accounts. Companies seeking for young personnel, on the other hand, are more likely to find them on TikTok. According to a Pew Research Centre poll released this month, less than one-third of respondents aged 18-29 had used LinkedIn, but almost half have used TikTok.

TikTok has been critical for Contra, a recently created website that allows freelancers to promote projects, determine rates, and negotiate with clients without commission costs. Contra, a pilot-program member, claims that more than 40% of its customers came from TikTok. Gen-Z does not want to be on several platforms. From a survey it has said that people would rather be on TikTok instead of Linkedin. People want to go to TikTok, where they're already at ease, where the information is quick, accessible, and consumable, and discover jobs that way.

Overall, TikTok CV is still in the trial and error stage. It has shown that applicants are able to demonstrate their skillsets and employers are able to see what the candidate is like. TikTok is beginning to demonstrate that it has the potential to overtake Linkedin, with Contra, a pilot-program, claiming that TikTok accounted for more than 40% of its consumers. Less than one-third of applicants aged 18-29 do not use Linkedin, while the majority use TikTok, demonstrating the future potential of TikTok CVs in recruiting.

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