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​Did you know...

Only 1 in 4 Seed-funded tech start-ups make it to Series B and less than 1 in 20 make it to Series D?

The difference is often not the product, but the ability to attract top talent at each stage of the journey and retain them – that’s where Finlay James’ tech recruitment expertise can help.

​We don’t just match a CV to a Job Description. We match a person to an environment and an opportunity.

​That’s what makes us different.

Our expertise and presence within the industry allows us to access hidden and passive candidates whilst also saving customers time and money.

Open Market Approach.

Unlike many Recruitment companies, our consultants are not restricted by location or discipline; designed to save you time and money as you have unique access to all office and consultants' networks.

Global Presence.

With Consultants in Manchester & London in the UK and San Francisco & New York in the US, we have a ‘follow the sun’ model; meaning we are harvesting the best candidates 24/5, for our clients.

Over 17 Years of Experience.

We have worked with hundreds of Tech companies in the SaaS, MarTech, Cyber Security, IT Services and BI & Big Data verticals since 2003 helping to scale and grow their business internationally.

What our Clients say.

​Our company is not originally from the UK and found the London market for sales to be extremely competitive which is why we turned ourselves towards recruitment companies. Finlay James consultants take the time to build relationships with candidates, they are responsive, they share and accept feedback and they are consistent in the way they present our company. We have concluded it makes more sense to deal exclusively with Finlay James in the UK for sales hires due to the quality of candidates and the quality of service and would strongly recommend any company to take a similar approach.


​Finlay James has been instrumental in helping Teradata achieve their hiring goals over the last three years.


​[Finlay James has] a good understanding of our needs and have spent time to get to know the team and the culture of the organisation into which the candidates would need to be integrated.


​[The] support and guidance during my hiring process is just amazing, great support very involved and personal which makes Finlay James for me by far the best recruitment agency I have ever worked with.


"AppLearn have been on a recruitment drive as we grow our US presence, specifically our new Boston office which we opened in January 2020.Jonathan and the team at Finlay James have been integral to this growth, and, to date, have placed three of the five team members that have joined in 2020. I met with Jonathan and briefed him on the AppLearn vision, ur values and culture and the ideal candidates we would like to see for our roles, and straight away I had a dedicated point of contact, regular catch ups to discuss the candidate profiles, excellent management of the fast turnaround of candidates and a strong selection of potential hires at interview stage. The team can not do enough to help, and most importantly for me, they really understand our business and our ethos; they just know who will work well for us. A great team to work with too, professional, but friendly and never forceful."


​Finlay James’ team is professional, positive and dependable and offer invaluable knowledge and insight into the market.


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